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Learn to perceive your baby's natural efforts to move toward the next stage of their development and to see where they could use extra stimuli to get there. Build your repertoire of supportive touch and interactive games to enhance your bond with your child while offering experiences that facilitate their ongoing progression. These practical tools for engaging with your baby aid their physical, cognitive, and emotional development.







Baby Blossom comes to you (virtually)! Learn to use the home environment as your natural play space.

Private Sessions and Group Classes are available to parents and other caregivers of babies from birth up to the walking stage. Child’Space can also help children who have already learned to walk yet express motor challenges due to neural or physical conditions.

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Every Baby Blossom session is designed around your child wherever they are in their development and can address subjects such as:


   - tummy time

   - fussing

   - flat head syndrome/ plagiocephaly

   - torticollis

   - attention

   - language acquisition

   - rolling

   - creeping

   - crawling

   - sitting

   - standing

   - cruising

   - walking...

and all of the steps in between.

Share a class with a friend! I teach lessons for pairs of newborns, pre-crawlers, crawlers, and children learning to stand and walk.

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